Embassy of The United States
Yerevan, Armenia
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Ambassador Evans Celebrates Earth Day and Arbor Day at Tree Planting
On April 27, U.S. Ambassador John Evans, and Mrs. Donna Evans celebrated
Earth Day and Arbor Day with a ceremonial tree planting in the village of
Karin, hosted by the Armenian Tree Project (ATP.) The U.S. Embassy is proud
to support ATP's important work, for as President Bush recently reiterated,
it is a duty and an obligation to protect our environment.
This is the fourth year that the U.S. Embassy is celebrating Earth Day and
Arbor Day with ATP at one of the refugee sites where ATP has been developing
programs over the last 11 years.
This year the event took place at one of ATP's largest nurseries the village
of Karin outside of Ashtarak. Last year the nursery provided 70,000 trees
for ATP's rural re-forestation program. Over the last 11 years ATP has
planted and rejuvenated approximately 600,000 trees at over 500 sites from
Gurmi to Goris.
Participants included the Minister of Nature Protection of the RA, the
Minister of Agriculture of the RA, representatives from the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of RA, representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Armenia
including from the United States Agency for International Development
(USAID), Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) and Peace
Corps, and representatives from the World Bank and World Food Program.