Expert: Russia is interested in preservation of peace in South Caucasus

Regnum, Russia
March 31 2006

Nagorno Karabakh problem is practically ignored by mass media
in Russia, stated President of the Russia-Armenia Society Viktor
Krivopuskov. "The number of publications about Nagorno Karabakh
conflict last year may be counted by one hand's fingers. There is
nothing to say about Russian TV broadcasts in this connection. The
situation on internet-sites has changed recently for better. But they
do not change the whole situation," said he.

The Russian politician believes, Russian state mass media,
following, probably, "political directions and notorious principle
of equidistance, and trying not to provoke Azerbaijan's displeasure,
may not give matters their real names, and, that is why, do not
write anything." "Because of that, big part of our political elite,
as well as the whole society, badly knows both present problems of
Karabakh and their real causes. A whole generation of Russians, and
it means politicians, grew up during last 15 years, who do not have
the information. I personally made repeatedly sure, our intelligentsia
believes only Azeris live in Karabakh, and Armenians are Moslems. It
does not know anything about centuries-old sincere brotherly friendship
of the Russian and Armenian peoples, about the great role, played by
the Armenian people of Nagorno Karabakh 200 years ago, to liberate
Armenia from centuries-old Persian and Ottoman yoke, and to join
Russia voluntarily," stressed Viktor Krivopuskov.

He expressed hope that the Russian side participates in Karabakh
settlement not only as formal co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk group. "From
my point of view, Russia is interested, more than all other countries,
in preservation of peace in the complicated, both from international
and inter-confessional points of view, region of Caucasus," stated
President of Russia-Armenia Society Viktor Krivopuskov.