Azat Artsakh, Nagorno Karabakh Republic [NKR]
03 April 2006

On March 30 the official meeting of the members of government, the
Federation of Trade Unions, the Union of Producers and Businessmen
and the National Assembly took place to sign a document setting on
cooperation of the government, the Federation of Trade Unions and
the Union of Producers and Businessmen.

NKR Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Danielian mentioned in his address
that the Federation of Trade Unions of Karabakh was established in
1968 and operated until 1996. In 2003 the National Assembly adopted
the law on trade unions.

Under this law trade unions were again founded in 2003 and
2004. Emphasizing the importance of the principles set down in the
document, Ararat Danielian pointed out the role of the trilateral
agreement for our young republic, which has chosen the way of
democracy. The president of the NKR Federation of Trade Unions Ara
Ghahramanian said the document defending the interests of workers is
an indicator of the development of democracy in the country. "We have
been to different building companies and saw that the interests of
workers in a number of companies are violated. For instance, workers
do not even have overalls. I think this is a pressing problem,
and it is extremely important to take actions with regard to this
and other issues, infringing on the interests of workers," said Ara
Ghahramanian. Then the parties signed an agreement of 17 articles,
which will be in force for a year.