Today, Azerbaijan
April 12 2006

"Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's visit to the United States
scheduled for 28 April has long been planned. During the visit,
bilateral issues between the two countries will be discussed,"
Ali Hasanov, head of Presidential Administration socio-political
department told journalists.

"Measures are being implemented in the field of uniting our efforts to
solve global world, energy and other issues as well as establishing
peace in a number of hot spots of the world in cooperation with the
United States," Hasanov said.

"We are jointly cooperating in energy and transport projects in the
Caspian Sea basin. The US also supports Azerbaijan's integration
into world unions. There exists a close cooperation between several
NGOs, democratic institutions of the US and Azerbaijan with regard
to democratization and protection of humans rights," he added.

During the visit, the discussions will focus on Azerbaijan-US both
bilateral and international relations as well as regional relations
in the South Caucasus and Eurasia.

Hasanov also said the United States as co-chair of OSCE Minsk Group
will focus attention on preserve of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.

"The meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian Presidents at Rambouillet,
and talks between the Minsk Group co-chairs and the Presidents before
that have represented certain positive nuances. We strongly want
that the problem be solved this year. We want main principles to be
put forward and pressures be exerted on the sides to agree to these
principles. Truth is known, Armenia has occupied the territories of
Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has the right to liberate its territories.

Actions will be taken about that. We not only expect the United States
and Minsk Group co-chairing countries but also have confidence in them
to exert pressure on Armenia. Who is responsible for implementation of
the UN Resolution? If Russia, France, US ignore it the OSCE Minsk Group
is needless institution then. It is natural that the United States does
not want that the war break out in the South Caucasus, we do no want it
either. We do not want our oil revenues to be spent on war. However,
for the sake of liberation of our territories we'll mobilize not
only oil revenues but also families incomes. It is important to put
pressure on Armenia to prevent war," Hasanov emphasized.

According to APA, the head of the department does not think that the
Azerbaijan-US talks will also focus on Iran issue. He said Iran and
US will decide their relations themselves.

"This issue concerns these two countries. We have relations with the
US as well as with Iran. Our citizens have close contact with Iran,"
he concluded.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress