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April 1 2008

Parliamentarians expressed resentment in connection with the position
of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries as to the resolution
of the UN General Assembly, initiated by Azerbaijan.

According to Day.Az, Mubariz Gurbanly, deputy executive secretary
of Yeni Azerbaijan ruling elite, noted that the adoption of the
resolution is a victory of Azerbaijani diplomacy which proved the
occupational policy of Armenia to the whole world.

"Unfortunately, some countries chose a neutral position in this
issue while the Minsk Group co-chairs spoke against the document. I
think that parliamentary groups of friendship should sent letters of
protests to these countries. Along with it, the letters of protests
should be sent in the name of the parliamentary commission", said he.

MP Ikram Israfilov, member of the Musavat parliamentary group,
supported colleague's proposal about sending a protest letter to the
co-chairing countries and announced that by voting against the UN
resolution thesr three countries showed that they do not intend to
settle Nagorno Karabakh conflict in the framework of the territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan.

MP Ganira Pashayev noted in turn that representatives of the
co-chairing countries not only voted against the resolution but also
put pressure on representatives of other countries so that they also
voted against the document. She considers that this is because the
document was prepared against their will.

"It should be mentioned in the letter of protest that Azerbaijan
does not believe in the objectiveness of the Minsk group and its
co-chairs. Moreover, the co-chairs of the Minsk Group have monopolized
this process and their activity challenge the whole Minsk Group",
she said.

At the same time, Pashayeva noted that position of such countries
as Iran, which did not vote on the resolution and sent a letter to
the General Assembly on the next day, is unclear. Moreover, she said
the position of such countries as Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland,
Great Britain and Kazakhstan, whom Azerbaijan supported as a candidate
for OSCE chairmanship in 2009,is also unclear.

Deputy Fazil Gazanfaroghlu considers that the fact that most countries
were neutral while voting, demonstrates shortages in the activity of
Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry.

"Most countries, who remained neutral, could have been inclined to
voting for the Azerbaijan-initiated resolution. For this purpose
our embassies should give up functioning as a trade attache and pass
to their direct duties. The voting in the United Nations has been a
test for the Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry and its activity should
be debated", Gazanfaroghlu said.

Siyavush Novruzov, deputy executive secretary of the Yeni Azerbaijan
Party, proposed to send a letter of gratitude to Pakistan and

"Pakistan was active during the discussions in the United Nations.

Moreover, Uzbekistan should be thanked that it was the only country
in the Middle Asia who undertook the fighting. Uzbekistan not only
supported the resolution but also does not opens its embassy in Armenia
and does not allow opening the Armenian embassy to Uzbekistan until
Nagorno Karabakh conflict is settled", Novruzov said.

He said it is necessary to hold meetings with the representatives of
the countries, which use Azerbaijani oil and if they do not support
Azerbaijan in such a vital question, how to they plan to take our side?

Deputy Panah Huseynalso considers that the adoption of the resolution
is a success of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan.

"The success in external policy is a continuation of internal policy.

If civil concord is not attained inside Azerbaijan, such success will
be the only success", he said.

First vice speaker Ziyafet Askerov noted drawing conclysions of the
discussions that the countries, supporting the power of law have
turned into the countries supporting the power of force.

"It is inadmissible when some countries want to strengthen the
principle "the stronger is right". However it does not mean that
Azerbaijan wants to reject the OSCE Minsk Group, despite the well-known
attitude to the co-chairs", he said.