Hayots Ashkhar Daily
April 01, 2008

The Ago group submitted to the Foreign Minister a package of proposals
aimed at "regulating the situation". The proposal consists of 6
points and contains no single word on the obligation of the parties
(clearly, the conversation in particular case is about the opposition)
to recognize the Constitutional Court's decision regarding the election
results. On February 19, John Prescott, member of the Monitoring
Commission and Head of the CoE Observation Group, clearly defined
this obligation as a priority.

How come that the approach enshrined in the draft document was
not included in package consisting 6 proposals? Has the monitoring
commission changed its attitude or is the issue on a different plane?

PER SYORGUEN yesterday actually avoided answering this question of
"Hayots Ashkharh". "All the political forces must have a platform
for discussions. We say, 'Do form such platform!' There is an agenda,
there is a format and there are a number of pivotal issues that need
a solution. The decision of the Constitutional Court is, of course,
one of those issues ... But the most important thing is to initiate
a dialogue so as it will be possible to achieve reconciliation and
find a way out of the existing difficult situation," he said.