Azat Artsakh Daily
Published on April 02, 2008

Only one third of law faculties' graduates of Russian universities
get a qualified education. The Minister of Education and Science of
Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko has expressed such an opinion
at the joint sitting of collegium of RF ministry of education and
prosecutor's office, which took place on March 27th. According to him,
again one third of graduates can prolong their knowledges, if they are
occuppied with additional education. The other part of graduates are
"unqualified specialists", - said Fursenko. In his turn, RF Attorney
General Jury Chayka has informed, that in the country the private
universities and branches of non-profile universities basically prepare
"unqualified" "grown up like mushrooms" lawyers. J.Chayka has compared
"university waste" with that waste, which is produced in other spheres
of the country's vital activity.

He performed absolutely in favour of enforcement of criminal liability
with regard to universities, dean's offices and departments. As
there are also laws, which foresee a penalty. HERE IS THE SITUATION
IN RUSSIA. And what about us? We have nothing comparable with these
russians... Anyway, such an opinion has a right of existance, if we
rely upon theoretical arguments, that here an alarm is not sounded
about these problems. On the contrary, if we listen to a number of
promoters of our universities, it will seem to us, that we have already
set a foot in european "educational field". Such optimistic mood, more
correctly, its spreading and advertisment, if even is permissible,
then only as advertisment produce for foreign auditorium....

Here, in inner "informational market" we should proceed from really
created situation and facts. I reply more clearly for state officials
and other promoters, for whom my conception is not understandable. Do
you want to hear from a doctor an INSINCERE DIAGNOSIS about your child,
who suffers terribly in the bed. Of course, no. So, why... are you
such about INSENCERE DIAGNOSIS, Artsakh's pain and illnesses?... I
KNOW A THING: here you cant help the work with words, here severe
measures should be used based on advisability. If Russia speaks about
putting to criminal liability, then such measures are necessary long
ago for our small republics. As there is still UNPUNISHMENT and
its born IRRESPONSIBILITY, it's naviety to hope, that "a patient"
will recover: on the contrary, a healthy man will get ill. Soon,
what a turn formed there. But if a severe law is valid, then I'm sure
that for heading this significant institution "hunters" will be found
with difficulty.