April 2, 2008

YEREVAN, APRIL 2, ARMENPRESS: A woman parliament member from the
Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) said today her party's
decision to become part of a new coalition government came after
'protracted and serious ' deliberation.

Speaking at a news conference Alvard Petrosian said it was a right
decision. She said her party does not support individuals, but plans
of actions.

"ARF is a party that had to sacrifice a lot. What is important to us
are programs for action and not individuals and the new government
is going to pursue a one that we have been defending over the last
ten years, ' she said.

Alvard Petrosian said there is still the atmosphere of evil and
falsehood in the country, but added that all Armenians are relatives
and this should become the starting point for all.

"We have to stand side by side because positions in the government
are not eternal," she said, adding that everything should be done for
a deeper look into what really had happened on March 1-2 in Yerevan
to diffuse lingering suspicions and tensions.

She also said Armenians should not be divided into 'tribes' each with
their chieftain.

"There are much more that unites us, than divides and the ultimate
victory belongs to all and not to separate individuals," she said.

At the end of her news conference she welcomed president-elect Serzh
Sarkisian's decision to make radical changes in the new government.

"There are people who do not accept Serzh Sarkisian, but he is an
extraordinary and interesting personality. I want my country to be
ruled by an extraordinary and not by a plain man.,' she said.