29.04.2008 13:02

Chairman of the French Credit Agricole Bank Rene Carron congratulated
RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan on appointment. The message states,
in part:

"It was a pleasure for me to learn about your appointment to the
post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. On this occasion
let me render my sincere congratulations on behalf of the Credit
Agricole Bank.

In May 2004 I had the opportunity to meet you in Yerevan during the
meeting of the Central Committee of the International Confederation
of the Credit Agricole. Later it was a pleasure for us to host the
delegation led by you at the Office of the Credit Agricole located
in Paris.

On different occasions we have had the opportunity to assess your
skilled strictness, the capacity to listen and your open mind. Under
your leadership the Central Bank and the banking system of Armenia
registered great progress, which is an important component for the
country's development.

You are well informed about the role of the Credit Agricole in the
creation and development of the ACBA Bank, first through consultation
and personnel training, later through trade and system partnership
and finally with strategic participation with 28% of shares, which
you confirmed in October 2006.

I render my most sincere and friendly wishes to you for the benefit of
the development of the country and prosperity of the Armenian people.

With great pleasure I will meet you and the Director General of
the ACBA Bank Stepan Gishyan in Paris or Yerevan to reconfirm the
reinforcement of our cooperation."