Suranush Papyan

13:06:46 - 31/03/2009

It has already been two months the prime Minister visited the gold
market on Khorenatsi 24, which has been operating for more 12 years,
and he registered a number of defects, voiced strict demands, but
nothing has been changed in the life of the workers of the gold market,
moreover, many of the people engaged in the gold trade, gave it up.

We tried to find out from the director of the gold market Vagharshak
Abrahamyan what changes the gold market is supposed to carry, we
learnt through a phone conversation that he has neither mood nor
health to speak to reporters, he was said to be sick and advised us
to obtain an interview with the gold market workers, anyway, he will
not answer to our questions.

And the seller's day is not so light and promising. They have no hope
in the future any more. "I have been engaged in gold trade for 18
years, and I don't remember such a year. There is no hope everything
will again be all right. It has been 2 months I didn't sell anything,
we have been in a catastrophic state after the New Year," said Anahit
who has a long experience in this field.

One-time good trade makers note that now there are more people who
sell their gold than before. One of the sellers states of having sold
only a ring of 23, 000 dram during all the month.

After being engaged in this job for 12 years, one of the sellers
decided to give it up saying: "the dollar fluctuation bring about
costumers' loss. Now, regardless the RA law we buy and sell gold
with dollar. I will make trade even with the Brazilian dram, only
to have a costumer. The payment for the post is 65, 000 and 145,
000 the taxes included."

Upon the predictions of the sellers, this market emptied by 30 %.

"The government should take up some measures, otherwise famine is to
come," say the sellers.

At the shops near the gold market, they register an 80-90 % trade
decline. And they do not have any whish to imagine the future.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress