March 31, 2009

YEREVAN, MARCH 31, ARMENPRESS: Chairmen and representatives of big
tourism agencies functioning in Armenia gathered March 30 in Byurakan
observatory. "It is necessary to restore scientific tourism in Armenia:
Byurakan observatory may become its center," they insisted.

The director of the observatory Hayk Harutyunian said that astrology
is Armenian people's science: the great heritage left to the Armenian
people witnesses it. "Today the professional astrology in the world
is developing on the basis of amateur astrology but don't know
why today in Armenia we do not have amateur astrology which might
have been part of interests of our public. We suggest that Byurakan
observatory with its nearby regions (Oshakan, churches of Ashtarak
region, residence of Catholicos, Amberd, Karahunj, Metsamor, Aghdz)
become centers of scientific tourism. There are all prerequisites
for it ," H. Harutyunian noted.

UNESCO has declared 2009 as year of International Astrology the goal
of which is to present astrology to all the classes of the public.

The coordinator of the events Areg Mikayelian said that their goal
is to promote visits of people interested in astrology to Byurakan
observatory - the first wealth of the Armenian science which thanks
to Viktor Hambardzumian entered the world science with new saying
and now continues its activity in the sphere of astrology.

The chairman of the "Armenian Monuments' Cognition Program" Richard Nay
explained the lack of visitors to Armenia with the circumstance that
the tourism agencies functioning in Armenia target Diaspora Armenians
whose visit to Armenia cannot develop Armenia's tourism. "The agencies
must work on those 1 billion people of the world who go for vacation
during a year. Armenians forget that Armenia is not only for Armenians
but for the whole world," he said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress