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M arch 31 2009

Cyprus House President Marios Garoyian has spoken again of the
government's aims to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem,
reports CNA

"Our firm objective is to reach a solution of the Cyprus problem
that would free Cyprus from the consequences of the Turkish invasion
and occupation, reunite the country, the people and its institutions
and create those conditions for a harmonic and peaceful co-existence
between all the lawful citizens of Cyprus, Greek Cypriots, Turkish
Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins, under conditions of
security, prosperity and cooperation," Garoyian said.

The minister was addressing an event held in Nicosia to commemorate
Greece's Independence Day on March 25, 1821 as well as the anniversary
of the EOKA Liberation Struggle of April 1, 1955.

In his address, Garoyian said that the present stage of the direct
negotiation process is crucial.

"Turkey's intransigent stance is peaking with the constant aim of a
two state solution in Cyprus.

"We all have to stay vigilant. Everybody has to undertake their
responsibilities in promoting our targets and our positions for a just,
functional and viable solution of the Cyprus problem," he added.

Garoyian said a nationwide coordination of all the forces of the
Hellenism is required in order to achieve a solution, adding that
the Republic of Cyprus has to work constantly towards a just and
viable solution of the Cyprus problem, based on the UNSC resolutions,
the High Level Agreements between the two communities 1977, 1979,
the 8th of July Agreement, the principles of international law and
the European Union.

He called on the EU and the international community to exert pressure
on Turkey in order to alter its attitude towards Cyprus and to work
for solution of the Cyprus problem.