Yeghishe Metsarenc

14:20:15 - 31/03/2009

On March 28, the Armenian intelligentsia, at least the great part of
it, which is famous through TV broadcasting, was playing chess with the
chess players of the Armenian National Chess team, which is the double
winner of the Chess Olympiad. The head of the Chess federation Serge
Sargsyan was following this event. There is nothing bad in playing
chess, moreover, chess is a thinking game and thinking is sometimes
useful for the Armenian intelligentsia. Moreover, the electoral
campaign of Yerevan Mayor election will be launched very soon, and the
intelligentsia will not have enough time to think, because it will
be completely busy with serving the government during the electoral
campaign, the usual thing it does in all the elections. So, perhaps,
March 28 was the last chance for the intelligentsia to think until
this autumn, because the electoral campaign and then summer are
approaching us. And in summer, thinking is not that easy.

But, the intelligentsia is found out to think not about the chess,
while playing it, but about the atmosphere of confidence. For example,
the famous actor Sos Sargsyan states on the TV that we are a bisected
society and there is a lack of confidence, and such kind of events
may restore the lacking confidence, the society may become united. In
other words, when the intelligentsia is playing chess with the members
of the Armenian chess team and Serge Sargsyan follows this event,
the society becomes more united and the lack of confidence disappears
in the aftermath.

For example, a certain citizen, who was overwhelmed with distrust
by March 28 towards the government, suddenly feels to have a blind
trust in the government. He thinks that the reason is the third
spoon of sugar he put in his cup of tea instead of the usual 2 in
the morning. But, then, when in the evening he switches on the TV
and sees the intelligentsia playing chess with the chess players and
Serge Sargsyan following them, realizes immediately what raised his
confidence toward the government. Moreover, with every minute of the
report he feels the confidence growing more and more, and just when
the citizen is to trust the healthy reason too, the report ends. But,
is it important to have trust the healthy reason: of course it is
not. Trust the Armenian intelligentsia and everything will be all right
with you. And you will not have to put one superfluous spoon of sugar
in your cup of tea in order to preserve the atmosphere of confidence;
moreover, under these conditions of crisis each spoon is valuable.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress