31.03.2010 13:49 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Participant of Super Six World Boxing Classic
tournament Allan Green (US), who was present at the fight between
Arthur Abraham (Germany) and Andre Dirrell (US), thinks at the time of
the incident it wasn't looking good for Dirrell and he could simulate
the knockdown to avoid the fight continuation.

"I think he could have continued or could have taken five minutes,"
Green told "The last four minutes would have been
interesting to see. I thought Dirrell could have continued and kept
fighting. He laid there for a second and everything was fine and
then he started shaking. Then he got up and said he was knocked out
and didn't know what happened. If you didn't know what happened,
then how can you say you got knocked out."

Green thinks that if a boxer gets knocked down from a punch, and
starts shaking.....there is something really wrong. "If you get hit
like that, where you down and start shaking, you are going to be in
the hospital for a few days and you are not fighting for a while. You
are not going to get up and start walking around. I wanted Darrel to
win. I just would have liked to see what would have happened in the
last few rounds if he would have continued," Green noted.

Green also disagreed with the referee's ruling on the tenth round
knockdown. "If you go down after getting hit, it's a knockdown. The
punch was the cause. If he didn't take that punch, he probably wouldn't
have gone down. He wasn't the same when he got up and he continued
to get hit after that," Green said.

Arthur Abraham was disqualified during the fight vs. Andre Dirrell in
the middle of the 11th round. Dirrell went down from Abraham's punch,
and the Armenian boxer hit him from the right, after which Dirrell
fell down and managed to stand up only in several minutes after a
medical aid.