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YEREVAN, MARCH 30, ARMENPRESS: About the 33 % of the 277 reforms
intended in 190 directions within the frameworks of the cooperation
with the European Union is fully implemented or is in a stage of
accomplishment. Secretary of the National Security Council Arthur
Baghdasaryan noted at today's session of the inter-department
commission coordinating the cooperation of Armenian state bodies with
European institutions that as a result of the implemented works,
40 inter-department working teams have been set up, 10 concepts,
1 strategy and 4 national programs have been worked out.

"We have applied to the heads of the Armenian relevant departments and
expect that the members of our commission will be more attentive and
we will manage in 2010, too, to accomplish our works as scheduled." A.

Baghdasaryan added.

The activity of the EU consulting group in Armenia was summed up as
well; a positive progress was registered in 2009 here, too. "It is
pleasant for me to register the fact that there is a high cooperation
level both by the party of Armenia and European Union and in this
stage we positively assess the reforms, which have been implemented in
Armenia. The speech is about the extensive reforms." A. Baghdasaryan
said. He reminded that 23 institutions participate in those reforms -
the National Assembly, the Central Bank, Public Services Regulatory
Commission, Ombudsman's Office, etc.

A relevant report on the work implemented in 2009 within Armenia-EU
cooperation will be prepared and presented to the Armenian president
and European institutions. A number of documents prepared by the
working teams were presented to the inter-department commission.

A. Baghdasaryan noted that the start of the process of preparing
and signing an agreement on the integration to the EU is among the
most important issues. According to Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister
Karine Ghazinyan, association agreements are proposed to sign with
the EU within the frameworks of the Eastern Partnership. They will
be distinguished according to the requirements and issues of separate

The visit of the Commissioner on European extension and on neighborhood
issues to Armenia is intended, with who the issue of receiving a
mandate for negotiating over the agreement on integration will be
discussed. According to her, in all appearances, it will be provided
to Armenia by the end of April. The guidelines of the economic
integration, shift, and energy will be reflected in the association

K. Ghazinyan said that for enhancing the country's readiness and
capabilities in the negotiation process of signing the agreement
on integration, the EU has proposed to implement a comprehensive
development program of state administrative bodies for 2011-2013 years.

"The first delegation on this issue has already been to Armenia. The
program suggests considerable reforms in the institutions, which will
be responsible for fulfillment of the commitments stemming from the
agreement," K. Ghazinyan said. According to her, the program is of
great significance because among its priorities it will include a
support to the systemic development of relevant state institutions
in the negotiation process of agreements on Armenia-EU integration
and on deep and comprehensive free trade.
From: Baghdasarian