04:16 pm | March 30, 2010


Even adults in Syunik region were unaware of child trafficking.

Last year, 22 experts in five regions of Armenia tried to find out what
children and adults know about child trafficking. Based on results,
girls are more aware than boys. In addition, children from socially
insecure families are more aware than those from rich families.

The study was conducted by "Harmonious Society" social workers

"When children are pushed into begging and the money they "earn" is
used by another person, that means child trafficking," said president
of "Harmonious Society" association Mira Antonyan as she presented
the results of the study at EU Delegation Office in Yerevan.

According to Antonyan, the approach toward child trafficking has
recently changed.

"Before it used to be considered as an anti-social act, but now,
based on the Conventions, it is considered to be the most extreme
case of abuse," said Mira Antonyan.

Only in the past couple of years did child trafficking become the
focus in Armenia and so far only one person has been arrested for
child trafficking.