April 9 2010

We denounce all forms of hostility fed by militaristic ambitions
and structures among nations in the region. This is one of the main
points of the FIDH which was accepted hours ago in the 37th summit
of the FIDH by the Armenian and Turkish delegates.

Do the Turkish include in the above mentioned point also the hostile
and warlike statements of Azerbaijan?

Yavuz Alatas the member of International Federation of Human Rights
(FIDH), who is in Armenia today and who has made the joint declaration
mentioned that it is more than 40 years that he protects the human
rights, and then he added: "If Azerbaijan makes warlike statements
we condemn also Azerbaijan."

But Alatas also mentioned that the border quarrels and the land
demands have caused the human rights violations in the region.

"Our words are directed to Armenia too: it has put the borders under
discussion and it can become a cause for the war, and it is an issue
to be criticized. We also condemn Turkey for losing so big sum of
money for getting more arms. We prefer those means to be used for
better goals," the Turkish delegate said.