Karen Ghazaryan

14.04.2010 16:34

Why did Armenian and Turkish leaders meet in Washington? Did they
have anything to discuss or the meeting was just necessary?

Turkologist Artak Shakaryan considers that the US Administration
organized the meeting to be able to declare on April 24 that the
Armenian-Turkish talks proceed normally despite there are some thorny
questions, and the adoption of H. Res. 252 or the use of the term
"genocide" in the President's address would hamper the advancement
of the healthy process.

According to Artak Shakaryant's assessment, the absence of any results
after the meeting, the common cold atmosphere and the statements
of the leaders show that calling the meeting a step forward would
be incorrect.

The Turkologist considers that the Turkish side will not take any step
by April 24 towards ratification of the Armenian-Turkish protocols.

"Obama will not utter the word genocide in his annual address, after
which there will again be calmness in the Armenian-Turkish relations,"
Artak Shakaryan said adding that "nothing will happen unless the
Armenian side comes forth with some initiative."

"I hope the Armenian side will try to keep the issue on agenda in May,
but the protocols will hardly be ratified," Artak Shakaryan stated.