On April 28, just four days after the commemoration of the Armenian
Genocide, leader of Israeli Meretz Party Haim Oron will initiate a
panel discussion on recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel's
parliament, though the deputy is not optimistic about it.

According to Israeli web source the deputy has chosen
this date as April 24 is Shabat (Saturday) and he plans deal with
the issue on April 28 - after the parliamentary holiday.

"I am always in touch with Armenian organizations but this year the
government will bury the Genocide issue sooner than in previous times.

There is a negotiation process between Ankara and Yerevan, and many
people advise [me] not to intervene, not to hinder them. I do not
see any link between 95-year-old events and current geopolitics in
the region, but that is the reality," Oron was reported as saying.

Earlier Oron lost his ally - Ze'eva Elkin from the Likud Party - in
his fight for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Israeli
parliament when the latter was appointed as head of the coalition.

"Previously he was the leader of the Israel-Armenia inter-parliamentary
group, and we will see how much pressure other coalition members will
exert on him. I will soon talk to him," said Oron.