15 April, 2010, 5:56 pm

Serge Sargsyan finished his speech at Woodrow Wilson's grave in
Washington with the words "God save America, God save Armenia".

Indeed, God save America. This country has been supporting Armenia
for 20 years, gives money in different ways, implements major
programs, creates various infrastructures and structures. God
save America because during the war in Karabakh America prevented
Turkish offensive on Armenia. And now that Russia wanted to reach
an express settlement of the Karabakh issue and the opening of
the Armenian-Turkish border automatically and in Turkey's favor,
the Americans seized the initiative and shifted these problems to
another arena, helping the Armenians avoid this trap.

God save America because it did not allow large-scale Turkish
expansion, linking of the Armenian-Turkish and Karabakh issues, as well
as divided Turkey and Azerbaijan and assigned Russia to Azerbaijan's
"guardianship". This is what concerns Armenia.

What concerns Serge Sargsyan, his Washington visit was also
"effective". It allowed Serge Sargsyan to hold on to power. The point
is that this government is only sustained by external support.

Evidence to this is when the Armenian-Turkish process ran into a
deadlock, hard though the Armenian National Congress and the Armenian
mass media tried to keep the Karabakh issue and the Turkish and
Azerbaijani topic "hot", a serious fuss began in Armenia. So serious
that Kocharyan was about to come to power. And America "saved". The
U.S. co-chair of the Minsk Group Bradtke met Robert Kocharyan in
Yerevan, after which the latter made his "scandalous" statement,
which appeared to be against Levon Ter-Petrosyan, but in reality it
was on his retreat.

After the Obama-Sargsyan meeting the White House made a statement
containing an interesting phrase that the United States commended Serge
Sargsyan's efforts to support the Armenian democracy. In diplomatic
terms, Serge Sargsyan is required to hold reforms of democratic
institutions in return for support.

The changes are already clear to everyone. Almost all the international
institutions dealing with Armenia have announced about them, including
the United States. Everyone in the world and in Armenia understands
that with the current political and economic system in Armenia
the country will be simply devoured by Turkey in case the border
is opened. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to change the
system fundamentally, in other words, to take the path for building
a competitive state.

We are far from the thought that America does it out of affection.

Simply Armenia is going to have an important, if not core role in the
new world order, and in order to ensure this role it must be strong
and competitive.

Of course, in Armenia and in the world nobody has the illusion that
Serge Sargsyan will be able to solve these problems, he is one of the
representatives of this system. However, nobody cares about it. The
problem of Armenia must be solved, it will be done either through an
adequate awareness of the situation or through shock and loss. In the
world nobody likes to accumulate, nobody has the time and fancy for it.

God save America. Unlike his predecessor, Serge Sargsyan goes to church
often. And perhaps it is worth noting that God enables everyone,
people, nations, to fulfill their dream. And the dream is fulfilled
in the way people and nations dream.