National Assembly (
April 15 2010

Within the framework of his official visit to Lebanon on the evening of
April 13 RA National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan had a meeting
in the Armenian Embassy to Lebanon with the heads of the political
parties and community structures. Representatives of the Armenian
Lebanese, members of the parliament and government of Lebanon of
Armenian descent attended the meeting. Hovik Abrahamyan told about
his efficient meetings, which took place in Lebanon, noting that
the President of the country, Head of the Parliament and the Prime
Minister warmly received him. The Armenian Lebanese community has
its major role in it, which in the National Speaker's words with its
organizational and law-abiding abilities earned respect in Lebanon. It
is extremely important that the Armenian Lebanese are accepted and
assessed not only as Armenians, but also as Lebanon's dignified,
creative citizens, especially taking into account the fact that our
compatriots are represented in the parliament and in the government.

Hovik Abrahamyan presented the viewpoints of the Armenian authorities
on the Armenian-Turkish relations and Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

In the reception organized at RA Embassy in Lebanon, in which foreign
diplomats accredited in Lebanon also took part, Hovik Abrahamyan said
that Armenia wants to more deepen the relations with Lebanon. He
expressed his conviction that they would be more strengthened,
noting that it would be necessary to develop the economic relations
and reach them to the level of political relations, which are very
close and warm.

In the yard of the Armenian Embassy in Lebanon within the framework
of the official visit of RA National Assembly Speaker an action The
Dialogue of the Cultures was implemented: painters Teni Vardanyan,
Marina Dilanyan and Armen Gevorgyan representing the Armenian Modern
Art completed on the land of Lebanon a united work comprised of
twelve canvases dedicated to the Armenian-Lebanese cultural ties,
which began from the Armenian land. The Speaker of the National
Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan presented it to the Lebanese Parliament and
the Government for the token of the Armenian-Lebanese warm friendship.