Historical and cultural monuments are destroyed in Armenia annually,
an expert says

2010-04-17 17:48:00

ArmInfo. The historical and cultural monuments are destroyed in
Armenia annually, Director of the Institute of Archaeology and
Ethnography of the Armenian National Academy of Science Pavel
Avetisyan said at today's press conference.

According to him, very often the monuments are destroyed as a
consequence of economic activity. Avetisyan pointed out that according
to the law, if historical and cultural monuments are found in the
place of construction, relevant specialists should be informed of this
to carry out the further exploration. "They strictly adhered to this
order in Soviet times, however, now the situation has changed a
little. Sometimes we cannot hinder the construction or learn about the
existence of a new historic monument too late",- said Avetisyan. He
pointed out the stone-quarry in Sisian. Though archaeologic layers
dated back to the first half of the 4th millennium B.C. have been
discovered in this place, the work in the quarry is still underway -
though aside from the excavations, nevertheless, in the territory of
the monument. The exploration work near the Teghut copper-molybdenum
deposit is an exception. This exploration is carried with the full
support of Teghut CJSC. A total of 12 complexes of monuments have been
discovered in the given area. "Their territory is specified and
passports have been provided to all the monuments. When researching 3
complexes of monuments in 2009, we discovered ancient repositories and
spinners in a perfect state",- he said.