April 21 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama is unlikely to utter the word 'genocide'
on April 24, Richard Giragosian, Director of the Armenian Center for
National and International Studies (ACNIS), told reporters on April 21.

"I do not need the U.S President or the Congress to tell me what I
know without them. I do not expect the Parliament of Sweden or of any
other country to recognize the Genocide I know about. It is much more
important that Turkey admit the Genocide," Giragosian.

He stressed that on April 24, it the center of Istanbul, Turkish
intellectuals will for the first time hold a demonstration in
commemoration of the 1915 victims.

Speaking of the Diaspora's problems, the expert said that Diasporan
representatives still encounter numerous difficulties in Armenia,
which have to be resolved.

A Diasporan Armenian must not arrive in Armenia as a guest for a week.

Rather he or she must be stronger connected with Armenia. It is a
shame that Diasporan Armenians can be easily counted in Armenia. On
the other hand, the Diaspora's role must not be exaggerated. Armenia's
major task is to form a modern society, and Armenia must be leader
in this process, Giragosian said.