Alexander Bozhko: `We share the grief of our Armenian brothers and sisters'

YEREVAN, APRIL 24, ARMENPRESS: `We - the Ukrainians - every year come
here to share the grief of our Armenian brothers and sisters. We come
not only to mourn for the innocent victims, but also to reiterate
together with these thousands of people that such things must not be
forgotten,' Ukrainian ambassador to Armenia Alexander Bozhko said
after paying tribute to the memory of the victims of the Armenian
Genocide in Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex. He said it is very
important to remember it and speak about it not only on April 24 and
not only in Armenia.

`It is not accidental that today a round table is being held in Kiev
where distinguished Ukrainian intellectuals, experts, political
figures gathered to discuss Meds Yeghern lessons. Such events are
being conducted in different towns of Ukraine and it is very important
that these people after greeting each other say `We remember, we have
not forgotten,'' the ambassador pointed out.

He also noted that is optimistic about the solution of the issue but
as far as it has a long history certain time is needed for it.