Trend, Azerbaijan
April 23 2010

Azerbaijani MP: Cancellation of ratification of Armenian-Turkish
protocols shows Armenian's non-willingness to open borders with Turkey

Azerbaijan, Baku, April 23 / Trend A.Huseynbala /

Suspension of ratification of the Armenian-Turkish protocols shows
that Armenian does not so much tries to open borders with Turkey.
Actually, the Armenian leadership is not interested in it, Azerbaijani
MP Zahid Oruj believes.

The worse the situation will be in the country, the more society will
live under the threat of war and imposed enemy image, the easier it
will be managed with such a state, Oruj told Trend. He commented on
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's statement to suspend the
ratification process of the Zurich protocols.

Oruj believes "this is not a serious step of a modern state".

Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers Ahmet Davutoglu and Edward
Nalbandian signed the Ankara-Yerevan protocols in Zurich Oct. 10.

Sagsyan announced about cancellation of ratification of the protocols April 23.

Diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey have been broken due
to Armenia's claims of an alleged genocide, and its occupation of
Azerbaijani lands. The border between them has been broken since 1993.

"This is a rare phenomenon in the history, when a state within a short
period waives the signed documents, and only Armenia could do
likewise," Oruj said.

He said Armenia lost in this question. "Armenia was given a historic
chance to establish relations with Turkey and to get out of the
current difficult situation," Oruj added.

Oruj said Armenia annually loses $1billion due to closed borders with Turkey.

"Currently, about 200,000 Armenian citizens, despite the image of the
enemy formed by the government, work in Turkey. Turkey does not suffer
from this, but Armenia, on the contrary," he added.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress