, Armenia
April 24 2010

Europe keeps on pressurizing U.S. on Genocide recognition: Riccardo Migliori

15:14 / 04/24/2010Armenian Genocide victims are commemorated in the
U.S. on April 24 and President Obama will speak of the tragedy's
international recognition in his today's speech, U.S. Ambassador to
Armenia Marie Yovanovitch told journalists in Tsitsernakaberd.

In his turn, Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander Bozhko emphasized
importance of efforts by Armenia and Turkey to continue the dialogue.
`I am optimistic and confident that relations between the states will
be normalized. However, it takes time as there are historic
contradictions,' Bozhko said.

OSCE PA Italian delegation head Riccardo Migliori behalf of Italian
people and Italian MPs offered condolences to Armenian people on the
tragic events in Ottoman Empire. `Europe keeps on pressurizing the
U.S. on Genocide recognition to prevent reiteration of similar crimes
against humanity further. I am confident it's just a matter of time,
as presently there are Turks who recognize Genocide,' he noted.

During World War I the Ottoman Empire authorities organized barbaric
extermination of about 1.5 Armenians, turning Western Anatolia into a
desert. April 24, 1915 Armenian intellectuals of Turkey were arrested
in Constantinople. April 24 is a Remembrance Day of Genocide victims
and is commemorated in many countries each year.

Armenian Genocide is recognized and condemned by a number of countries
and international organizations. It is officially recognized by
Uruguay, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands,
Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia,
Argentina, Canada, the Vatican, Lebanon, Chile, Sweden and others.
Forty-two out of 50 states of U.S. officially recognized Genocide and
proclaimed April 24 ` Genocide Remembrance Day.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress