April 28 2010

Deniz Baykal Head of the opposition People's Republican Party of
Turkey Deniz Baykal has again criticized the government for signing
the Zurich protocols.

According to Hurriyet, he said the Turkish government has made the
biggest mistake by signing the Zurich protocols with Armenia.

'This country continues occupation of Azerbaijani lands and does not
even say when it is going to liberate it and we have signed protocols
with it thus putting ourselves into an awkward state', he said.

'Why did we sign the Zurich protocols? To show another fiasco of our
policy. The Armenian initiative of the government has failed and the
premier comes and expresses gratitude to President Obama. I have
familiarized with Obama's statements and was terrified with these
accusations towards Turkey.

He said for the first time that 1.5 mln Armenians died in Turkey. None
of the previous US President have ever gone so far. I do not understand
why the premier thanks him. He should better be a lawyer for Turkey',
the opposition leader said.