MINISTRY BOARD FORUM AT THE RA MOD 0&id=1307&y=2010&m=04&d=26
23.04.1 0

On 23 April, 2010 in the RA MoD a ministry board forum took place.

During the forum diverse matters on armaments and military equipment
were discussed. Opening the sitting the RA Minister of Defence Seyran
Ohanyan informed the participants that the issues covered by the
agenda were important for ensuring the efficiency of the National Army.

In his report deputy chief of the RA AF GS Lieutenant-General Arshaluys
Paytyan stated that in the reported time-period considerable work
has been done to ensure the reliable and unfailing operation of
the armament and military equipment. Military equipment has been
recruited. The professional knowledge and capabilities of the staff
have been improved. New equipment has been given to detachments,
and methodological handbooks, etc. have been published.

Summarizing the sitting Seyran Ohanyan assigned the commander-staff
to increase the efficiency of the technical providing system of the AF.

The Minister of Defence also touched upon the steps that need to
be taken in order to increase the moral-psychological features and
marital spirit of the servicemen.

RA MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs