20. 04.10

On the 20th of April, 2010, in the conference hall of the RA MoD
a republican recruitment commission conference took place, during
which the results of the 2009 autumn recruit were summarized and
matters were discussed and brought up for appropriately organizing
and holding the 2010 spring recruit. The conference, where state
officials, representatives from legal bodies, heads of regional
administrations, RA regional military commissars, medical workers,
high ranked militants, and others were also invited was chaired by
RA MoD Seyran Ohanyan.

The head of the defence department underlined the importance of the
event, stating that one of the most important processes for the AF
is their recruitment. In the last years, due to the joint efforts
of all the structures participating in the recruitment process its
realization has been put on a higher level. At the sitting the Chief
of the RA AF GS Colonel-General Yuri Khachaturov read his report.

Talking about the results of the 2009 autumn recruit and the issues
of the 2010 spring recruit, he recalled both the positives and the
shortcomings of the previous recruit. Yuri Khachaturov touched upon
the issue of the number of conscripts, their educational level, the
statistics about those who were recognized void for recruitment, and
the work done by military commissariats and the medical commissions.

The president of the central military-medical commission Arsen
Petrosyan and the chief of the RA MoD military-medical department
Artashes Parsadanyan introduced the outcomes of the work done by the
central military-medical commission and the medical commission in the
central recruitment centre during the autumn recruit. The speakers
presented the statistics of those sent to a supplementary examination
by the central military-medical commission.

They also talked about the data about the increase and decrease
of diseases, etc. The members of the recruitment commission also
discussed matters about attaching and calculating the youth, executing
medical examinations, implementing punishments for those avoiding
conscription, etc. During the sitting, for organizing and holding the
2009 autumn recruit effectively, as well as for active participation,
a number of representatives from military commissariats, legal bodies,
medical commissions, and other structures, as well as soldiers were
awarded with departmental medals, certificates and valuable gifts. At
the end of the conference, thanking the participants for their joint
efforts in this most important issue, Seyran Ohanyan hoped that as a
result of the cooperation of all the involved bodies the recurrent
recruitment work will be carried out more effectively. Introducing
the RA President's directions on the organization and realization
of the recruit, Seyran Ohanyan also foresaw some areas, around which
appropriate work should be done.

RA MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs