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Victoria woman to go one day without shoes


For one complete day, Tess Yarbrough wants to walk without shoes.

In doing so, the 20-year-old Victoria native will help raise awareness
and interest in Tom's Shoes national campaign One Day Without Shoes.

The California-based shoe company started the effort in 2006, aiming to
send one pair of new shoes to barefoot children in
economically-disadvantaged Argentina for every pair purchased by a

"It's called One for One," Yarbrough said.

Moved by the campaign, which has now grown to support struggling
countries around the globe, including Uganda, South Africa, Cambodia,
Haiti, Armenia, and the United States, Yarbrough decided to bring the
movement to Victoria with a One Day Without Shoes walk.

Any city can participate, she said, and Tom's Shoes provides a tool kit
for hosts, complete with signs and information packets.

"I'm doing this because it's my favorite organization. I really just
want to raise awareness about this effort," Yarborough said, describing
the walk on the Lone Tree Creek Hike and Bike Trail from Victoria East
High School to Airline Road on Tuesday. "But, I'm going the whole entire
day without shoes."

Walking the Lone Tree Trail down and back, Yarbrough said, will help
participants understand for a moment what more than one-third of the
world's population endures for a lifetime - what it means to go barefoot
without choice.

"It will be uncomfortable," she said, laughing.

Yarbrough also hopes attendees may option to buy Toms Shoes the next
time they're in need of a new pair.

"If you need shoes, just buy one pair of Toms and you know someone else
who needs it, gets new shoes. It's something so simple that everyone can
do," Yarbrough said, who owns at least three pairs of Toms.

While walking barefoot on Tuesday, Yarbrough said she will bring along a
pair of Toms and when people ask her why she's barefoot, she'll tell
them the about the shoe campaign.

"I did this last year by myself, and only had one person come up to me
and ask why I was barefoot," she said.

This year however, Yarbrough's campaign has already generated about 100
eager participants in One Day Without Shoes.

There is no cost to participate in the walk and it is open to the
public, she said.

From: A. Papazian