, Armenia
April 2 2011

Logic gaining upper hand over emotions in Baku, Armenian Deputy FM says

April 02, 2011 | 14:21

Logic is gaining the upper hand over emotions and unpromising childish
approaches in Baku, RA Deputy FM Shavarsh Kocharyan stated in an
interview with the Armenian Public TV as he commented on Azerbaijan's
`softer' statements on its intention to shoot down airplanes flying to
Stepanakert, as well as on the statements that Baku never used nor
will ever use force against civilian objects by Spokesman of the Azeri
foreign office Elhan Polukhov.

On March 31, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan stated that
Azerbaijan's threats to shoot down airplanes are similar to ones by a
terrorist organization. He announced his intention to be the first
passenger of the first Yerevan-Stepanakert flight.

Thereafter, on April 1, Polukhov stated that Azerbaijan never used nor
will ever use force against civilian objects.

From: A. Papazian