Thursday, April 7, 21:24

Armenian environmentalists intend to continue the fight against the
"Nemo" dolphinarium.

"We will do our best for the dolphinarium to be closed. In Armenia
dolphins should not be exploited, and we are sure that we'll attain
our goal", Head of the Bird Lovers' Center NGO Silva Adamyan said to
ArmInfo correspondent.

She pointed out that the surveys of European and American scientists
distinctly say that the dolphins should live only in the seawater.

"These conditions are not observed in Armenia, and this is enough to
bring the dolphins out of Armenia", said Adamyan.

The expert pointed out that the Ministry of Nature Protection
started the expert examination of the dolphinarium almost 3 months
after the dolphinarium had been opened. "The fact that the expert
examination is being carried out now runs counter to the law, as the
examination should have been carried out before the construction of
the dollphinarium", she stressed.

When commenting on the fact that the Administrative Court rejected the
claim of the Bird Lovers' Center and EcoDar NGO against the Ministry
of Nature Protection, Adamyan said: "Earlier we applied to the
Ministry to provide us with the documents on the expert examination
of the environment, however, the Ministry replied that it has no
such documents. The judge should have paid attention to that letter,
as it was a sufficient ground for a trial by itself". She added that
the given decision of the court will be disputed. "I think the trial
will be continued", said Adamyan.

To recall, the dolphinarium "Nemo" was opened in Yerevan on 24
Dec 2010. A group of greens held a protest action in front of the
dolphinarium the same day.

Experts say that in captivity dolphins are prone to stress and can be
very dangerous. There have even been cases of dolphins killing people.

Despite this fact, "Nemo"'s commercial says that they will also
provide dolphin-therapy for children. The activities of "Nerium,"
the Ukrainian company that has brought dolphins for "Nemo", have been
declared illegal in Ukraine.

From: A. Papazian