Parajanov-Vartanov Institute
POB 17257
Beverly Hills, California 90209 USA

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight presented the 2011 Parajanov-Vartanov
Institute Award honoring icon of French cinema Jean Vigo (1905-1934)
to his daughter and Paris-based film critic Luce Vigo at Beverly Hills
Film Festival's closing awards ceremony held at Four Seasons Hotel Los
Angeles on Sunday, April 10, 2011.

Legendary Martin Scorsese sent a letter to Parajanov-Vartanov
Institute on the ocassion of the institute's Jean Vigo retrospective
at UCLA with words about Jean Vigo, Sergei Parajanov (1924-1990) and
Mikhail Vartanov (1937-2009) all of whom struggled with censorship,
were non-conformists, left a brief filmography, remain underrated yet
hightly revered by leading international intelligentsia, media, and

From: A. Papazian