Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The United Armenian Council has planned an outstanding program for
the commemoration of the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide,
at Martyrs Monument in Montebello's Bicknell Park on Saturday, April
23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The public has been informed of the details of the program through
press releases and TV interviews. The participation of several Federal,
State, City, and local officials is anticipated. As in previous years,
Homenetmen and AGBU scouts will participate in flag ceremonies. For
the first time, the choir of the Armenian Society of Los Angeles,
conducted by Maestro Michael Avedissian, will perform.

This year Easter coincides with Armenian Genocide Memorial Day,
April 24, a historical coincidence characterized by ideological
and symbolic significance. As Christ was resurrected from his tomb,
similarly the Armenian nation has risen from its ashes. Influenced
by these dual ideologies of divine and human reflections, the United
Armenian Council, responding to our religious leaders' call, considers
the main theme of the commemoration "The Armenian Nation's Rebirth
and Redemption."

Argentine-Armenian attorney Federico Hairabedian

In addition, the United Armenian Council has invited this year a
very special guest, Attorney Federico Hairabedian from Argentina,
to be the keynote speaker. He is the grandson of genocide survivor
Krikor Hairabedian who lost 50 members of his family during
the„[email protected][email protected] organized genocide. In 2000, he filed a lawsuit
against Turkey which ended 10 years„[email protected][email protected] with great success. The
Argentine Federal Court on April 1, issued the following verdict:
"The Turkish state committed Genocide against the Armenian Nation
during 1915-1923 period, killing over one and half million Armenians."

All Armenians are invited to attend this special commemorative
program on Saturday, April 23, at the Armenian Genocide Monument
in Montebello. Let us show our respect to our martyrs, and let the
entire world know that we will continue our struggle for our demands
until Turkey acknowledges its guilt and accepts to pay reparations
to the Armenian people.

Starting 10 a.m., on April 23, buses will be available to transport
participants to the Montebello Monument from St. Mary's Apostolic
Church in Glendale and Rose & Alex Pilibos Armenian School in

From: A. Papazian