Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 11:45:00 - 31/03/2012

On March 30 the meeting of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee
discussed the issue of Armenia.

The public administration body of Armenia did not attend the meeting
and failed to send to the committee the report and action plan on the
fulfillment of the provisions of the convention and the committee
recommendations. The real stakeholder in Armenia participated
in the meeting, the society, represented by a delegation of four
self-determined citizens of Armenia and the Diaspora. They presented
the urgent issue and RA Government decrees exposing the existence
and security of the people of Armenia which conflict with the RA
legislation and the Convention. It was noted that the RA government
lacks political will to make decisions in order to protect nature
and the interests of the public.

The members and president of the committee welcomed the participation
and important comments of the Armenian society. They took note of
the urgency of the issue and the situation and will try to pursue the
implementation of the committee recommendations by the RA government.

The delegation of the Armenian society - the sovereign citizens -
noted that the Armenian society is more proactive and focused on
invading its civil rights on its own. The authorities will have to
take account of the society, hence they will have to implement the
RA Constitution and international commitments.

Ms. Armineh Arakelian, political scientist and international lawyer,
founder of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, Geneva,
30 March 2012