Story from News:
Published: 19:52:01 - 30/03/2012

Addressing the rally of the Armenian National Congress, Levon
Ter-Petrosyan said it is entitled the provisions of the election
program of the Armenian National Congress, which is the uniform
approach of the Congress bloc.

Ter-Petrosyan announced that the Congress is the only force which does
not need an election program because in the past years the Congress
has dwelled on its approaches and addressed two important issues,
revelation of the bandit state and proposal of a substantive scenario
of systemic change.

You are not the people who can use the word belief, uou are profane,
Levon Ter-Petrosyan stated, commenting on the government's slogan
believe to change. He said Serzh Sargsyan has failed to fulfill
his pledges.

Ter-Petrosyan says as a historian that this is the worst government
in the history of Armenia. He also said that if the citizen sells his
vote to the government for 5000 drams, he will destroy the state and
will have no right to accuse anyone.

Ter-Petrosyan said the Congress will simply convey to the society in
simple human language what it is going to do in parliament.

Ter-Petrosyan said as the first step they will bring up the issue
of impeachment of Serzh Sargsyan and his prosecution. The next will
be the creation of special commissions to study scandals and crimes,
including October 27 and March 1 and draw conclusions.

Then, according to Ter-Petrosyan, they will address compensation to
the families of March 1 victims. Ter-Petrosyan enumerated the steps
the Congress will take in different areas and presented relevant
concept notes on each of them.