Naira Hayrumyan

Story from News:
Published: 15:12:03 - 30/03/2012

There is a small but important secret in the story of Mashtots Park
where civil activists are going to dismantle the illegally assembled
boutiques. The names of people who got the right to construct their
shops have never been revealed.

Who are these people? Many names are given, including ex-mayor Gagik
Beglaryan. They have never revealed themselves to the public and the
names of owners are carefully hidden.

Why are these people reluctant to defend their property openly? Either
they know it is illegal or they prefer not to be noticed. It is also
possible that there are no owners, and the Municipality simply does
not want to agree on a compromise with the citizen and refers to the
right to property to justify its actions. Because the Mayor's office
has no other arguments.

Both cases are a clear violation of law and morality. Will the owners
of boutiques come to protect their property tomorrow? Or do they
believe that the police will do it? But do these owners not realize
that even if they defend these stores, they have already lost their
reputation, and hardly anyone will shop there? Do they not realize
that even if this time the citizens are unable to dismantle the shops,
it will be done at another time, and not all people are so reasonable
as to inform the Police about the dismantlement?

The owners of these shops, if any, should go to Mashtots Park tomorrow
and prove their right to ownership of kiosks in a public park. The
Mayor's office which refuses desperately to disclose any documents
proving that the kiosks are private property needs to prove the
expediency of providing the right to construct kiosks there too.

Changing a decision, especially one that is illegal, is not a sign of
weakness. When the government renounced the decision to build a water
power plant on the waterfall of Trchkan or to suspend the construction
in the park, nobody accused Tigran Sargsyan of weakness. On the
contrary, most people noted that he made a reasonable decision and
did not ignore the public opinion.

The Municipality needs to be courageous to listen to the opinion of
people and repeal the decision. And if the owners insist, they can
sue Taron Margaryan. Then the civil society will support the mayor.

The oligarchy will hardly help Taron if the society judges him.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress