Armenian Society of Columbia University supports the environmental
movement in Armenia

23:27, March 31, 2012

Members of the Armenian Society of Columbia University express their
support and solidarity to the efforts of the environmental movement in
Armenia towards the preservation of the Mashtots park and the Teghut
forest. We believe that the movement carries a critical mission of
revitalizing freedom, responsibility and dignity in the Armenian
citizen, which is fundamental for the survival of the Republic of
Armenia in the century of choice and mobility.

We strongly believe that the ability to self-organize and stand for a
cause is the cornerstone for any progressive society.

We have learned that in order to have a prosperous country we need to
have rule of law and equal opportunities for every member of the

We also believe that human rights and equal opportunities must be
conquered and protected by citizens and groups of citizens through
constant civic leadership and struggle.

We can clearly observe that the Armenian society stands at a brink of
a psychological breakthrough leading from an obedient and fearful
soviet comrade to a dignified free citizen and the environmental
movement has started an important process of leading and crystalizing
that change.

We wish our friends at the Mashtots park successful leadership in the
transformation of the Armenian society and express our enthusiastic
support to more active citizen participation in the public policy
decisions in Armenia.

Columbia University Armenian Society

Anushavan Hambardzumyan
Dara Hourdajian
Elya Papoyan
Garineh Nazarian
Gohar Harutyunyan
Milena Melkonyan
Narek Sevacheryan
Nora Khanaryan
Vahe Markosyan
William Bairamian
Yervand Nersisyan

From: A. Papazian