ARF Dashnaktsutyun faction thinks an interstate agreement should be
signed between Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia

Saturday, March 31, 14:43

Given that the Karabakh peace process has entered a new stage and the
president of Azerbaijan continues his aggressive policy, particularly,
trying to present the Armenians worldwide as the enemies of
Azerbaijan, an interstate agreement should be signed between Nagorno-
Karabakh and Armenia, Armen
Sargsyan, Head of ARF Dashnaktsutyun Faction in the NKR National
Assembly, said at a sitting of the NKR Parliament.

ArmInfo's correspondent reports from Stepanakert that the ARFD
representative thinks the conclusion of the specified agreement will
contribute to consolidation of the security of the Armenians of
Karabakh and to de jure enhancement of the interstate relations
between the NKR and Armenia. The initiators also think that the
document will give a serious impetus to the process of international
recognition of the NKR.