Mentality of falsification
09:55 - 28.03.2012

If ARF organized Parliamentary hearings on 100% Proportional electoral
system, then the Republican and `Rule of Law' parties announced that
the society is not ready for that, without going into details and
explaining why.

However, yesterday the secret of not being ready became clear.

Voters of different ballot areas spread information that Majoritarian
candidates have already started bribing people.

Price for 1 vote is worth 6.000-13.000 AMD.

Campaign hasn't started officially yet but it is obvious that the
amount of bribery will surely rise.

In fact, the problem is not in proportional or majoritarian elections,
but in forgery, which is in authorities' mentality. They wish to be
leaders of the situation in this country with their known methods,
i.e. fabrication, price raise, unemployment, emigration.

All this leads to a condition when people are willing to take any
amount of bribe they are offered.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress