Yerevan citizens are owners of Yerevan
12:28 pm | March 31, 2012 | Social

Statement of the group initiating demolition of buildings at Mashtots Park

"The statement of the RA Police on the demolition scheduled at
Mashtots Park on March 31 at 13:00 shows that the police intend to
continue protecting the buildings that were arbitrarily built with
serious violations of conditions in the area that is considered the
property of Yerevan. We assume that the RA Police is aware of its
responsibility for protecting the illegal property and all the

We remind that Yerevan is a community with a population. The residents
of the community can directly implement local self-government within
the limits of the administrative territory of Yerevan. The structure
arbitrarily located in the land that is considered the community's
property is recognized as the property of the state or the community,
regardless of who built it. The owners of the land have the right to
destroy any structure that was arbitrarily built in that area.

We continue to believe that the right of the members of society
fighting against illegal actions at Mashtots Park to be heard remains
violated. We are certain that there is still a need of actions to
protect the community's property.

We also hope that the RA Police presents more substantiated arguments
on March 31, except for the possible use of force to suspend actions
aimed at defending civil rights."