Glendale News Press, CA
March 31 2012

YMCA sends funds to center in Armenia

YMCA of the Foothills is reaching across the world to boost the
organization's message of fellowship and community.

The local Y, which has facilities in La Caņada Flintridge and Tujunga,
recently provided $20,000 in locally raised funds for a YMCA in
Spitak, Armenia.

YMCA of the Foothills President Tyler Wright went to Spitak to consult
with YMCA leaders there. `The local Armenian population is one of the
fastest growing groups in the communities we serve locally,' Wright
said in a statement.

`Our desire is to be a diverse and inclusive voice in this community,
making life-changing impact while also bridging any ethnic divides
that may still exist. Our hope is to connect our local work with our
global friends.'

-- Daniel Siegal, Times Community News,0,5111822.story