Mediamax, Armenia
March 30 2012

Armenian Police denies "artificial" rise in number of voters

Yerevan, 30 March: Armenian Police described as groundless the claims
about the artificial increase of the number of voters.

The statement issued by Police says that the register of 18 February
2008 presidential elections included 2,311,917 voters.

As of 15 February 2012, 2,482,000 citizens (170,083 more) are included
into the register of voters to take part in 6 May parliamentary

Police said that the growth of the number of voters is conditioned by
the fact that after 19 February 2008, 185,236 citizens became 18 years
old, and other 174,378 citizens were added into the voter register
after 18 February 2008.

Police also stressed that 188,626 voters have been removed from the
register after 18 February [as received, actually 19 February] 2008
presidential elections. They either died or were taken off the books.

"Thus, after 19 February 2008 elections, as of 15 February 2012, the
qualitative difference between those who have been withdrawn from the
register and included into it, corresponds to the real situation," the
statement issued by Police reads.