Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 20:50:11 - 11/04/2012

There is direct feedback between the government and people which is an
expression of democracy, said the NKR Prime Minister Ara Harutiunyan
in a press conference in Stepanakert.

"When there are no rallies, the government is not affronted, we think
there is democracy in that country. There is such a perception in
everyone. Democracy is when the voice of the citizen is heard by the
government official, and the government official, the president and
the others react and try to find a positive solution," the NKR Prime
Minister said.

He says people do not go on protest in front of the government.

Instead they telephone the NKR prime minister and spell out their
problems to the NKR prime minister and the government. The president
learns about the problems of people in his meetings with them. Ara
Harutiunyan also says in meetings people can ask the president their
questions, and the questions are not prepared beforehand.

Ara Harutiunyan says it is an expression of democracy when people
really elect their government. In NKR the presidential elections
in 2007 and the other elections were such. The authorities did not
intervene in the elections and there were no disputes after the

At the same time, the NKR prime minister refused to compare Armenia and
NKR because the population of NKR is smaller and thus easier to manage.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress