There Is No Room For Retreat

Siranuysh Papyan
20:46 30/03/2013
Story from News:

Interview with Anush Sedrakyan, vice president of Free Democrats Party

You said the main advantage of the current post-electoral process is
that it is open to the public. Do you think it was not enough?

I don't want to compare this and previous movements. One can only
compare the quality of fighting people and their level of organization
and it should be noted that the level of consciousness of people has
changed. We spoke about wakening, alertness of the society, change of
their thinking, and everyone thought the main change would be the wish
to fight. But it turns out that the main change is the critical
attitude to the actions of both the government and opposition.

Earlier the opposition claimed that the authorities are the embodiment
of all kinds of vices, they are thieves and bandits, emotions
culminated, fight escalated into destruction. Now the stresses are
different. They say there is no hatred on the square. It is natural
because people demand specific mechanisms, there is no room for hatred
and pathetic words but there is also no room for retreat because it is
not a wave in the direct sense of the word. Consolidation is high, and
it will control both the government and the opposition.

The government acts naturally because it understands that over these
years they have been unable to prevent such a wave of dissatisfaction.

Consequently, the government must stop being a feeder and assume
responsibility. From this moment all the state problems will be solved
because few people will strive for power, only those who can perform
those functions, and state building will start. So far we have had
only formal institutions, mismanagement. Now it is time for state

Do you think a coalition government is possible or will the shadow
government act as a balance to the government?

I would say the government had to become conscious of change because a
little more and there would be a social revolt and a new wave of
migration. The opposition is gaining experience and applies certain
technologies. If one wants to develop the society, one needs to apply
technologies. Consolidation of people by one interest or another leads
to forming public standards. I wish those standards were formed by the
state, running ahead of the society.

Now a public standard is forming which has internal motives. Foreign
funds cannot nourish pseudo-ideas. Armenia has one way of not changing
- close all the ways of communications with the outer world. In
Azerbaijan a powerful youth movement has occurred, and the first thing
that has occurred to the authorities is to close Facebook.
Fortunately, we haven't gone so far but the more technologies develop,
the more inevitable technologies will be. Internet forms a standard of
global thinking because there will be change one day.

Which is better for the society, a new coalition government or a new
shadow government?

This state is based on the purpose of humiliating man. They chose not
so educated people for monopolies. They did it in order to convince
people that one need not be a professional and smart to be rich, the
favor of the monarch is enough. This scheme crushed the professionals
of Armenia, the striving for professionalism because everyone knew how
wealth is distributed.

Second, public wealth was declared private property and sale of the
city began. Who would have thought that one can sell parks, streets,
how can one hate people to steal green parks and streets from them? In
other words, respect for a citizen should be returned a priori which
is not done or it must be conquered, as it is done now. Citizens have
started respecting themselves and demanding respect.

Do you think the main goal has been stated?

For me the main goal is declassification of property, how effectively
it is used. The measurement of effectiveness is taxes. The state must
be accountable to the citizens on the effectiveness of use of the
state capital. It will lead to healing of the judicial system, respect
for the citizens who will see equal opportunities for business,
citizens who are not deprived of their rights and property. I was
rather skeptical about progress but now I have understood that
humanism is inevitable, even if it is four years late.