Armenia hosts checklist of 352 species of birds - ecologist
March 30, 2013 | 18:08

YEREVAN.- Birds are indicators of health. If green areas reduce, the
number of birds will reduce as well, deputy chairman of the Armenian
Society for the Protection of Birds Lyuba Balyan said.

Ecologist is confident there are three main problems with protection
of birds in Armenia. The first is elimination of areas where bird
live. Another key problem is hunting. It is necessary to ban hunting
in January and February as it is the period when birds prepare for

Lyuba Balyan also noted that the main reason for reduction in number
of birds is lack of food.

At present Armenia hosts a checklist of 352 species of birds, where 27
are globally threatened and listed in the IUCN Red List, while 9 are
included in Armenia's Red Data Book.

From: Baghdasarian