13:30 ~U 02.04.13

Potato fields will reduce this year by 50%, chairman of Agrarian Rural
Union NGO Hrach Berberyan said speaking to reporters on Tuesday. He
said besides potato, pepper, tomato and eggplant fields will also
reduce by 30%.

"I am speaking of Ararat valley. Studies have been conducted in about
40-45 villages. We link this problem with the flaws of bureaucrats
who failed to promote the export of vegetables to Georgia - the
traditional export stopped resulting to potato stagnation last year.

Another reason is migration that has influenced the consumption by
40-50 tons," Berberyan said.

One of the causes of reduction of the potato fields is the potato
moth. The government has promised to fight against it from April.

"This moth is a serious problem in Ararat valley. It has been spread
in more than 50 villages. The ministry has finally confessed that
tomato fields have reduced. It means the plants processing tomatoes
will face production decline problem," the expert said.

Berberyan also stressed that to raise land's productivity it is
necessary to use fertilizers containing calcium and phosphor. He
reminded that our lands have not been fed by such fertilizers for
already 15 years.

He said the situation with grain is stable thanks to the seed growing

Relating to cattle-breeding, Berberyan said that no price reduction
is expected which though goes in contradiction to growth of cattle
number. The export of sheep to Iran has reduced stabilizing the
sheep market in Armenia. The expert also stressed the reduction of
cattle-breeding. The prices for beef will grow in May. He explained
it with reduction of foodstuff and decline of cattle. "As soon as the
grass grows the slaughter will stop and the meat price will sharply
grow," he said.

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