Mon, 04/01/2013 - 16:31

According to the statistical service of RA, in January-February months
of 2013, the rate of crime has gone up: 2.483 crimes were registered
which is for 406 more the rate of 2012 (2077).

556 cases of crimes against individual were registered in the first
two months this year, among which 15 assassination, in contract to
11 for the previous year. The rate of sexual crimes also rose. 15
cases this year compared to 11 for the previous.

365 crimes against public security, public older and population health
were registered, and the previous year the rate was 391. Among them
30 cases of hooliganism were registered, in contract with 55 for the
previous year.

The rate of the corruption crimes remained stable: in both years 69
cases were registered.

The number of non-severe crimes was 1089, of middle severity - 896,
and what is about the grave crimes there number was 471.

Author: Factinfo

From: Baghdasarian