The significant accumulation of Azerbaijani militants on the border
with Armenia, according to military psychologist David Jamalyan,
is determined by their wish to escalate the situation on the eve of
Serzh Sargsyan's inauguration. He says since Serzh Sargsyan is a more
pro-Armenian figure who has a more categorical view on the Karabakh
issue, Azerbaijan needs that his positions in Armenia weaken and
that people are afraid of sending their sons to the line of contact
accusing Serzh Sargsyan of lack of security.

Last week, representatives of the ministry of defense stated several
times about the accumulation of Karabakh militants on the border and
warned about the possible attacks. This information caused suspicion
of many Armenian experts that on April 9 when the opposition will
hold the parallel inauguration, the Karabakh map will be played.

This map has been played in the Armenian political life very often:
in the tensest moments for the power, the situation on the border was
heating up and the opponents were immediately accused of splitting
the national unity threatening the national security. There have even
been diversion attacks, which killed dozens of innocent youths. As
a result, opponents announced they didn't intend to go against the
national security, as no one could tell for sure, whether it was an
artificial tension, or Azerbaijan was preparing a provocation.

It is not known whether the current tension on the border will be
the regular platform for national unity. God willing, everything will
end without victims and destructive provocations.

Nevertheless, certain underwater processes are happening also in
the Karabakh conflict. Minsk Group co-chairs who visited Armenia
and Artsakh last week, said that they had some new ideas. Today,
they will discuss them in Baku after which they will go to Artsakh
and will probably issue the relevant statement there.

It is unlikely that these ideas contain the final settlement of the
conflict, not least because elections in Azerbaijan are due in autumn.

But some proposals for open communication and participation in the
common regional projects are likely. In any case, the Azerbaijani
foreign minister hinted that Armenia can join the Baku, Ankara
and Tbilisi project. True, if "they withdraw from the occupied
territories." That is, this is another bluff, as Armenia will never
agree to such a condition.

The information reported by that Russia and Azerbaijan
suspended negotiations over the weapon supply is interesting. It is
noted that Azerbaijan refused buying new rescue helicopters, T-90S
tanks and armored vehicle BMP T, anti-aircraft missiles and else. So,
it is not ruled out that Russia is also interested in increasing
tension on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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