16:24 ~U 02.04.13

The office of Armenia's Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) has released
a special report on the 2013 presidential election in Armenia.

According to the report, the 2013 presidential election was freer than
the previous elections, but many people did not trust the election.

The report lists a number of reasons for mistrust:

for years, Armenia's relevant government bodies (Police, Prosecutor's
Office, Constitutional Court) have not properly responded to overt
election frauds, which deepened public mistrust;

100 reports on election frauds were received during the election,
but Armenia's police did not expose any of the instances, whereas
four of 20 instances reported later were exposed;

administrative resources were used during the elections, but no
charges were brought against anyone;

Armenia's opposition political forces and international organizations
stressed the fact that the number of votes cast for Armenia's incumbent
President Serzh Sargsyan was much higher in the constituencies that
showed a higher-than-average voter turnout.

On the other hand, the elections were fair for the following reasons:

the presidential candidates were registered without any violations;

no serious impediment to the presidential candidates' election campaign
was reported;

legal requirements were respected in media coverage of the presidential
candidates' election campaign;

about 3,500 fewer inaccuracies were registered;

the Central Electoral Commission properly examined complaints received
from voters.

The Ombudsman office's report in available in full on

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